Nautic Paddle

News April 8 - Results of the 2018 Nautic Paddle carbon footprint

With our official partner Starboard SUP France, we have decided to measure the carbon footprint of all the competitors' travels at the Nautic Paddle 2018 (more than 800).


250 riders from all countries agreed to answer our survey (thanks to them!), allowing us today to assess fairly accurately the global volume of CO2 emissions produced by the race.


In short:

  • The Nautic Paddle 2018 emitted around 87 tonnes of CO2
  • As a result, to offset the environmental impact, Starboard will plant this year 87 mangrove trees in Burma's Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks. Indeed, each tree, during its 20 years of life, will capture about 1 ton of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

Thanks again to Starboard for this great project!

News November 26: the Guide to confirm your registration at the Nautic!

To know everything about:

  • The withdrawal of the bibs and the briefing on Saturday December 7
  • The race itself on Sunday December 8
  • Practical information about these 2 days: access, parking, deposit of the boards....

News October 5: the lists of people selected in the Leisure and Pro divisions are online!

Note: As indicated in the notice of race, the Leisure waiting list includes the first 180 names in order of draw and the Pro list the first 30. If you do not see your name, it means that your position is located beyond 780th place (Leisure) or 130th place (Pro).


Next steps:

1) For the selected ones: on Monday October 8, you will receive an email including a link allowing you to pay the participation fees and to finalize your registration. If 48 hours later, you have not received the message (check your spam box!), please contact us at the following address: Be careful, you will have until October 22 at midnight to register!


2) After October 22, we will contact each person on the 2 waiting lists (you may still have a little chance!), following the order of ranking, to complete the list of registered participants.



Crédits photo : © Raoul Dobremel / AFP & © Arthur Lockart / AFP