A unique paddle race

It is prohibited to do stand-up paddle on the Seine river in Paris except on this particular occasion. Nautic Paddle is thus a unique opportunity for a one-time experience in an exceptional Parisian setting. 

Who can sign up?

There is no maximum age for registration. For all participants, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate proving that you are able to participate in the stand-up paddle race or a valid competitive surfing license (French or international). 

Each participant must provide, after signing it, the Nautic Paddle discharge

However, participants must be at least 13 years of age by December 7, 2019. For minors, parental authorization is mandatory. 



Registration process


Pre-registration is free of charge at the website A participant may pre-register as a solo participant or as a member of a group with a maximum of 4 participants. 


Note: Of course, one person cannot be registered more than once, either individually or as a member of a team. Any attempt to cheat will result in the disqualification of the person and, if applicable, his team.


NB: It is recommended to amateurs who have already practiced paddle in competition to register in the PRO category.



There will be a lottery on Thursday, October 3rd to determine the participants. One person registered solo will have the same likelihood of being selected as a team of 4 persons:

  • 800 riders for the LEISURE division
  • 100 riders for the PRO division

All of those who are pre-registered will receive afterwards an e-mail to inform them of the selection or their placement on the waiting list. 



The people selected in the lottery will receive after October 4 an e-mail with a link allowing them to finalize their registration. 

The list of participants in the Nautic Paddle will be published on this website on Friday, October 4. 



Registration requires:

  • Payment of participation fees: 60 euros including VAT 
  • Provision of a medical certificate or an official surfing license 
  • Detailed coordinates for facilitating logistics (address for escort, participation in the brunch after the race, access to parking, etc.). 


Registration includes: 

  • 2 admissions to the Nautic Paris Boat Show
  • A brunch after the race in the Nautic Paris Boat Show (+25 euros for an escort) 
  • Fees for participating in the race 
  • A GPS chip (to measure your race time)
  • A rash guard and jersey
  • Bus transportation


Note: time for registration is limited! 

Those selected in the lottery will have until October 21 (included) to finalize their registration. At the time of the lottery, the persons who are not selected are placed on a waiting list. All participants who have not validated their registration prior to the deadline will give up their place to those on the waiting list. 



  • It is necessary to wear a 'long John' type suit with full leg, torso, and back covered – or an isothermic garment that covers more surface area than a 'long John.'    
  • A leash to connect the competitor to his or her SUP.

For the size of the boards, paddles between 10'6' and 12'6' are allowed, and for the 10th edition: 14 foot paddles are also allowed this year. Rigid and inflatable paddles are allowed.


If your board is not of the required size, you will not be able to start the race and participation fees will not be refunded.


Except in some cases (partners of the organization), you cannot be on the same board with several people (big mama, SUP dragon...).


IMPORTANT - We do not provide paddle boards. Each competitor is on his own board. 


Some exhibitors in the sliding sector of the Nautic Paris Boat Show offer limited quantities of boards for rent:



Participants are to respect the environment as well as the competitors, organizers, public, media, etc. 


Crédits photo : © Raoul Dobremel / AFP & © Arthur Lockart / AFP