Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to access Nautic Paris Boat Show?

Your ticket for participating in the race will provide access to Nautic for two persons, Saturday December 7 (10:00 AM to 7:00 PM) and/or Sunday December 8th (10:00 AM to 7:00 PM).  


How do I park at Nautic?

It’s possible for you to access the Parc des Expositions by car so that you may drop off your materials: 

  • For one competitor: a "1 hour" ("1 heure") permit will allow you to enter with your vehicle so that you may drop off your equipment. The vehicle must then leave the Parc des Expositions via the Porte de Versailles.
  • For 2 competitors or more: starting on December 7, a parking badge (un "badge parking") will allow you to park your vehicle within the Parc des Expositions until 7 PM on Sunday, December 8th.  

Note: for security reasons, as of March 2017 all vehicles may only access the Parc des Expositions from the Porte de Versailles following pre-registration on the website for Viparis, which oversees installations at the Porte de Versailles. 


This pre-registration must take place via the Nautic site prior to October 1st, 2019: or on this site.


I don't have a board. Does the organization plan to rent some for the occasion?

Each participant must ensure that they bring their board with them on D-Day.
If you don't have one on the day of your final registration, you're responsible for buying, borrowing or renting it in anticipation of the event. 


CAUTION : Some exhibitors in the sliding sector of the Paris Boat Show offer limited quantities of SUP for rent.


How long can I leave my board at Nautic?

SUPs may be stored from 10:00 AM, Saturday, December 7 until 6:00 PM, Sunday, December 8 near the Spot Nautic pool.


How do I get to where the race starts?

There is a shuttle system in place that transports participants to the starting point. At the end of the race, participants take the shuttle in the direction of the Porte de Versailles.


What are the dimensions of the pool for round #2?

For the second round of the "PRO Divison" and the "Team Relay Race", the dimensions of the Nautic 2019 pool will be 70m x 10m.


How can my friends follow the race on the Seine?

In the month of December, Paris is quiet at 8 AM on Sundays. However, the quays of the Seine are not all open to traffic and usually it is not possible to park there. The meeting points (points de rendez-vous) will be communicated at the time of the briefing. At the start and the finish, there will be free parking. Just a little discipline will go a long way! 


Bicycles provided by the city of Paris (Vélib’) or similar solutions are also feasible, and allow for autonomy, tranquility, and a pace in keeping with the SUPs while Paris still sleeps as the sun rises.  


If I am unable to attend, can I get a refund?

No refund will be possible this year, even on presentation of a medical certificate. If necessary, ask your insurance company for more information.


What if I come with an escort?

If you are planning on having an escort and you want the individual(s) accompanying you to be able to access Nautic and/or participate in the brunch served at Nautic on Sunday the 8th, please let us know by completing the registration online with the Nautic site or Nautic Paddle site by November 19th.   


Whom should I contact if necessary?

You can contact the organization team by clicking here.


How do I send the medical certificate to the Nautic?

We advise you to upload your medical certificate to the registration site, along with the other documents to be provided. Nevertheless, you can show your medical certificate on Saturday 7 December at the jersey retrieval at the Nautic (hall 1).


If you were unable to do so, you can however communicate it to us by email at the following address:


Crédits photo : © Raoul Dobremel / AFP & © Arthur Lockart / AFP