update december 4 - THE RANKINGS OF THE NAUTIC 2022!

This 12nd edition of the Nautic Paddle has kept all its promises. Thanks again to all for the good time spent together, the pictures are coming soon!


NB: the rankings may still evolve in the next few minutes as the withdrawals are taken into account.


The world’s largest paddle race

Organized by Nautic Festival SA for the Nautic Paris Boat Show, the 12nd Nautic Paddle is scheduled on December 4th. 


The race will take place in Paris, with an exceptional setting on the Seine River between the National Library of France (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) and the port Javel Bas. 1000 riders, consisting of professionals and amateurs alike, are expected to be in attendance for the competition. 


Reminder: since 2018, 14' boards are allowed to compete.

Nautic Paddle statistics:

  • 1000 competitors authorized in 2021 (1000 in 2019, 800 in 2018, 700 in 2017, 600 in 2016, 500 in 2015) 
  • 41 nationalities represented in the most recent race 
  • 39 years old: the average age of participants
  • 35% women
  • 27 of the 29 bridges in Paris are on the race circuit, providing an exceptional view of the capital’s cultural heritage.

2 routes to choose from

Route #1: “LEISURE” division. Approximate distance of 11 kilometers. 



Route #2: “PRO” division. Distance of 14 kilometers with the additional challenge of a circuit around two islands: Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis. 

Solo or as a team

It is possible to participate in the event solo or as a group (4 people maximum). In both cases, each participant will have their own paddle. Then, there will be a lottery to determine the individuals and teams selected to participate. 


During the draw at the end of the pre-registration period, by registering as a team, if the team captain is selected, then all team members will be able to participate in the race. This choice allows you, if you are selected in the lottery, to be sure to experience the race alongside your loved ones.


Note that the race is run alone, everyone on their own board. The "big mamas" (boards that can hold 4 to 6 people) are only allowed for the partners of the race.


Registration fees are 75 euros including VAT per participant. 

Crédits photo :  AFP - Nautic 2021 -  Julien de Rosa & Raoul Dobremel